You Exceeded Your Current Quota

AI Engine doesn’t come with pre-built AI models, you gotta connect with OpenAI. You don’t have to subscribe (like ChatGPT Plus), but you gotta set up your billing details on OpenAI. They offer their API services on a pay-as-you-go basis.

When you sign up for an account on OpenAI, make sure to set up your usage limits and payment method to use the API smoothly.

Just a heads up, if you decide to pay for ChatGPT Plus (which is totally optional), it’s a separate service and not required to use the API.

OpenAI recently changed its quota system to a fund-based system instead of a pay-as-you-go. You have to go to your billing settings and deposit some credits so they can be used. Even if your payment methods are set up correctly, you now need to create a deposit. Once the deposit is done, it takes a few minutes to get everything back working.
You can test if everything is working directly inside the OpenAI playground (not chatGPT) before AI Engine.

Please head to the following pages and ensure everything is setup correctly :


If you don’t see this message in the Playground but do inside of AI Engine this means you probably have a cache or optimization plugin that cached this response, please disable any plugins that migth do that.


Please note that OpenAI limits the usage of their services. API usage is subject to rate limits applied on tokens per minute (TPM), requests per minute or day (RPM/RPD), and other model-specific limits. Your organization's rate limits are listed here:

Please make sure you are within your limit usage for what you are trying to use.

Using ChatGPT with GPT-4 doesn't mean your OpenAI account has access to the GPT-4 model using the API. You need to fund your account with $10 and have at least one dollar in billing to unlock access. These are restrictions from OpenAI, not the AI Engine.

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