Is MeowApps Storing/Processing Any Data?

TLDR: Nope ! ๐Ÿ˜ฝ

AI Engine is a serverless plugin. No data is transmitted elsewhere other than your database and the used API (OpenAI / Azure / Pinecone / โ€ฆ). Therefore, if you are storing any data through the queries made to your chatbot, you are the only responsible person for their security and for complying with your region's cybersecurity laws.

Where are the chatlogs saved ?

All the data saved by AI Engine is stored in your WordPress database, and all AI Engine tables are prefixed with "mwai." You can access them just like you would normally access your database for any other table.

You can find all of the chat logs inside the 'wp_mwai_logs' table.

You can find all of the discussions inside the โ€˜wp_mwai_chatsโ€™ table.


Where are images stored ?

If you use Vision-capable models, your users might upload images. To be processed, these images first need to be stored, and this will be done directly on your local install. You have the choice between using the "filesystem" or "Media Library". In both cases, images will be uploaded to your "uploads" folder.

  • With the "filesystem," the image will be renamed to have a random anonymized name and will exist as a single file.
  • With the Media Library, it will use the WordPress upload function and create all the different thumbnails of the image with the original name.

No data is stored by MeowApps anywhere online. The image is then sent to OpenAI either by using BASE64 encoding or by sending the public URL of the image, depending on the setting you chose.

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