Image Generation

In the Chatbot

You can choose to set your chatbot to "image" mode and it will generate images for each message you send.

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You can also utilize AI Engine filters to generate images through a chatbot in "chat" mode. This way you have the best of both worlds!

add_filter( 'mwai_ai_query', function ( $query ) {
    $last = $query->get_message();
    if ( strpos( $last, "/imagine" ) !== false ) {
      $last = trim( str_replace( "/imagine", "", $last ) );
      $query = new Meow_MWAI_Query_Image( $last );
      return $query;
    return $query;
  }, 999, 1 );
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AI Forms

If you need to tailor your users' prompts with predefined choices, using AI Forms might be the best solution. You can learn everything about them in this documentation: Your First Form. Then you just need to select a model that generates images instead of a regular text-based model:

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In the Dashboard

First, in the AI Engine dashboard, make sure to enable the Images Generator feature.

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This will add a new button that will bring you to the image generation dashboard in the top right corner of the AI Engine dashboard.

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Once on the Images Generator, different settings will be available:

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1. Number of images: You have the option to generate images in batches. You can also use the Continuous option to add the previously generated images to the current ones.

2. Prompt input: Describe the image you wish to generate.

3. Templates: When you have entered some prompts you don't want to lose, you can save them and reuse them later as templates. Switch to edit mode to update/add new ones. You already have some ready for you.

4. Images: Once generated, the images will be displayed at the bottom of the page, under the prompt area.

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